"Last years, I watched many up-and-coming online roulette players or system sellers trying to make money from their systems, strategies or apps truly FAIL over-and-over ...

... and I noticed the PROBLEM which most of the Online Roulette players have ..."

Hi, I'm Petr,
And I have a question for you ...

Why are so many up-and-coming online roulette players FAILING to break through the profitable play and MAKE REAL MONEY when the OPPORTUNITY and path are so clear? Or isn't it so clear, actually?

Obviously, there's a lot of online roulette players trying to make it on roulette wheel. They are new roulette entrepreneurs who want to make serious money with their personal system or strategy.

But VERY FEW people know how to do it well. Most don't even know how to START.

So they spend months and years figuring out how to lose money playing online roulette. Yes, 90+% traders lose money, I believe that for online roulette players/traders/investors/gamblers is the percentage even worse. Why?

Please allow me to be speak directly to you:

I assume that you have already a lot of experience with online roulette...., right?

So why don't YOU have sustainable profit and online income stream?

Why aren't you creating more profits, adding money to your paypal account, and earning more recurring revenue from online roulette?

After all this time, expensive experience and all you've overcome, don't you think you deserve to reach more profit (and make it from online roulette)?

I do. In the beginning, years 2005,2006, I wanted to earn just 40 EUR per day on online roulette, it is small amount right?

That was my plan, I was, for example, using system betting on number 0, immediatelly when I opened new online roulette table. It is so long ago, but I do know, how I found such an useless system. It was on internet after some hours of searching for free roulette systems.

Do you want to know my results with this system betting on number 0? Several days I had success. I was able to go from $400 to $1,600, nice one. And guess what was the next session happening. As the betting on one number from beginning is non sense, It could end up in only one way.

Number 0 did not come 127 spins, which was already too many spins to cover the progression and the whole stack was lost. You probably feel already, that it is not the way how you can create new income stream out of roulette, correct?

No doubt you've seen all these people becoming sellers of 100% sure winning systems and strategies for roulette, or giving you tips on roulette forums how to use this and that system, how to improve Martingale -nonsense- betting, how some guys are selling system which can after approx. 100 spins predicts exactly next numbers and list of NONSENSE ideas continues....

But YOU have PASSION and DESIRE to finally beat RNG and Online Roulette, right? (Better I call it: "Passion for long-term online roulette income stream")

The issue is NOT desire.


The issue is in mindset, there is NO holy grail for online roulette, if you're honest, YOU AREN'T SURE WHAT'S WORKING (or where to start and what to focus on with your time and money so limited).

Isn't it true? Too often, you don't know WHERE to focus to get the ideas and earn money from online roulette.

You don't know what to DO -- Monday through Sunday -- to gain REAL MOMENTUM growing your roulette success and income.

You don't know which system, settings, strategies or even why to use, and you don't know which strategies make the most money.

True? If it is not true, please skip next part or simply don't read.

Maybe you're afraid of trying the wrong system, app or strategy and lose money...

.... and that's okay. It's not a courage issue...

It's SMART to want to have strong long-term strategy before you even create an account at online casino...

It's SMART to care about the most robust and profitable systems and best of art Apps for roulette.

It's SMART to join fair and unbiased online casinos, to build your bankroll, to be able to withdraw or deposit any time.

If you agree with this, then I bet you can ALSO AGREE that it's SMART to get ALL YOU NEED FOR ONLINE ROULETTE SUCCESS from someone who has a proven track record at playing online roulette 16+ years, created 25+ Apps for online roulette predictions, served hundreds of players and constantly for years documents and records LIVE real money plays on online roulette tables, right?

Someone who actually is pushing RNG for money NOW, who knows what works NOW.

That's me.

And I want to provide you the same opportunity, which I've created for myself.

That's why I'm inviting you to join my private online roulette group, called RfL XOR App players.

Just watch the video on this page. And read all the details you want. But whatever you do, do yourself this extraordinary favor today: GO FOR IT. If you don't love it, I've limited the risk for you.

You have a passion for online roulette and you want to finally make it - I can help you monetize it and build a stable online revenue from it. But you'll have to join RfL XOR App players in upcoming days.

Don't Miss Out!

Join the ALL NEW RfL XOR App players group and I'll provide you step-by-step how to setup your long-term strategy, Best predicting App for online roulette RfL XOR App and secret money management hack to start new successful online roulette journey and income stream for years to come. Choose your App now.

RfL XOR App picture

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    Is there something else in the pack? ... I was longer time thinking about that whether I should offer this unique option as part of RfL XOR App Pack or not. I've created special edition of XOR App, special GOLDEN Edition which consists of totally unique calculation of XOR Ratio per number, not only per fix pattern.

    I said yes, the price tag for RfL XOR App pack is a bit high, so I've decided to provide RfL XOR App Limited GOLDEN Edition for the first 20 people as BONUS #3 . And on top I will give you this special edition with my bullet proof MM and conditions setup, which is incredible powerful. Check BONUSes for joining NOW below.

RfL XOR App is developed for Win10 with Region & Language settings = US. It is not compatible with older Windows, iOS and Android.

If I count it I spent approx. 4 months for App development. I've tested 3000+ instances of the App and created 10+ mio of random spins. My development was not free of charge, I spent approx. 2000 EUR for XORShift books, RNG eTrainings purchases and during test period loss of several 100 to 300 EUR deposits. Actually with target to develop the best possible Algo and Smoothing strategies for numbers prediction using XORshift RNG algo. It was really worth it!

I believe that RfL XOR App brings you interesting results and you can start with this App your Profitable Online Roulette Journey much easier.

1.The newest version of RfL XOR App with all features which help me to generate awesome income (Value: $10k minimum)

You will get exactly the same newest version of RfL XOR App which I use for my live real money sessions including high-roller ones. If I add a new function or feature providing even better profitable opportunity in the future, you will get it for FREE. Automatically.
I've used 5 Smart Smoothing Strategies in the app, working for you every single spin to achieve the profit. For example, let's check the SessBB field difference if you play with 1 level or 2 and more levels. If your VfA is higher than 1, you will see that time to time your basebet is slightly higher, because of Money management smart strategy for higher profits.

Have you ever heard about XORshift algo? It is one of basic algorithms used for programming Random Number Generators. I studied that pretty well to find any possible application for online roulette predictions. I've programmed it into the XOR Ratio with several smart strategies on top of it. Here you can read more about XORshift RNG algo.

Money management in the app is not just random try, I have applied my long time experience from Automatic Commodity Futures Trading Bots into the online roulette app. You have it all in RfL XOR.

Do you have your own spins from your favorite online casino? Just upload txt file with them into the app and immediatelly check what works and what not.

2. Secret Money Management hack for online roulette + FAQ (Value: $997)

You want to earn money playing online roulette, right? Here is the way how you can do it constantly for years. But it is not without rules. Random betting without strategy and money management is the ticket to zero bankroll. Don't repeat that again. Read in just 10 minutes my secret MM hack and follow it. It will bring you a lot of profits on your paypal and bank accounts.

Join RfL XOR App players right now and you get:

The newest version of RfL XOR App (the best predicting App for online roulette) $10k Value

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What People Are Saying...

Before I've decided to provide RfL XOR App officially to you, I've got offer from Tim for XOR App. Tim helps me to test the apps and work on roulette systems ideas. He has all my apps :) Thank you Tim. Here is the feedback which I've received from him referring to the newest version of RfL XOR App...

img img

Another my long time roulette friend, Jean, has decided to share with me his real money session with RfL XOR App at Paddy Power Casino using Playtech software. He created nice profit during this one session, almost 100%. You can watch the video below.

This is one of life time opportunities to join the really meaningful community about online roulette play

For over 16 years, Petr has been innovating and leading online RNG roulette systems' predictions and money management strategies.

He is the perfect person to learn from about successful online roulette play.

Petr's personal results speak for themselves:

  • 25+ developed Apps for Online Roulette predictions and money management

  • 400+ recorded LIVE real money sessions with his apps, playing at casinos like CasinoClub, Pokerstars, Unibet, Bwin...

  • 10+ webinars about Online Roulette systems, apps and strategies

  • 2k - 5k EUR monthly profit playing online roulette with his apps and strategies

  • 50+ passionate roulette colleagues being working with him as their coach to achieve much better and sustainable profit results

This all sounds fancy... but Petr began just like YOU!

Just like anyone else, Petr began with a dream to start successful journey and create new income stream playing online roulette.

But he was down in the beginning, and he had to LEARN these exact strategies and systems in order to start out, setup long term strategy, proper money management and fine tune numbers predictions.

So don't worry - it's okay if you are just deciding to start new roulette journey, or you don't yet know how to find the best way to compete with Random Number Generator.

All you have to do is DESIRE to succeed and be able to learn.

The next step is to join RfL XOR App players right now so you get the COMPREHENSIVE PACKAGE needed to start now, avoid wasting time, and build the successful roulette journey.

Best of all, you learn from the #1 Online Roulette App player in the world...

Change your online roulette life and finally get the strategy you need for getting paid...

Personal message from me, Petr, to YOU!

During the years I play online roulette and share my experience on YouTube or Websites, I have received many questions from roulette colleagues about "In which online casino they should or could play to win?".

I've though about that for awhile. Actually, there is only 1 thing important in case we talk about online casino. It has to be fair and audited one.

If this is true, you can use RfL XOR App at any online casino worldwide. Because they all use not manipulated RNG. Here are some examples of casinos in which I trust: CasinoClub, Unibet, Bwin, Pokerstars, William Hill, Betvoyager + any casino with playtech software as well. Stay strong and focused, profits are coming :) Petr